About the film

The film is called 'one' and it is based on a quote by the monk Thomas Merton, "to be right is often the desire to be right at all costs by dint of hardening one's core around an arbitrary choice of a fixed position." I don't know why, but those words stuck in my head and now I find that they've inspired a whole story about -

Self-named Hart has grown up alone since the age of four, high up on the peaks of snow-covered mountains.   He has had no outside contact since his parents died so what he knows about life, love and language has been developed through childhood stories and a dictionary. His life is treacherous and he struggles between a desire to find what's 'out there'; and his parent's written warnings never to stray from the peaks.   He senses that somehow there is something missing from his life, but having never had contact with anyone, he doesn't know what that is. Then one day he comes upon the remnants of a book, one that we all know, but with his altered language and understanding, he misinterprets.   This sends him on a quest down the mountain into a post-apocalyptic world from which there may be truth, but little hope of survival.

            The story weaves between reality and his imagination - that gets ever darker the further down the mountain he gets.   He is on a quest for truth and as he tries to piece together the riddles that society has left behind - such as the clocks that can be found everywhere; and magazines, fashion and mannequins, he starts to build his own ideas of religion, purpose and meaning from the peculiarities and/or 'mal-'s' of modern society.   He is also on a fight for survival against predators, that unknown to him (and the audience) are in his mind - 'Shadows', and the Earth itself - that are becoming increasingly ferocious; as well as the increasing difficulty of finding food and clean water.   Unknown to him, the air that he is breathing is a hallucinogenic poison that wiped humanity from the planet in the first place - a poison that may or may not kill him - possibly the last man alive.   What happened to the world as we know it and what he can do about it, become the final order of the day.