about gabriela

So, I couldn't escape, Rob's been pestering me for days to write this 'about Gabriela' page, normally I would leave it simple and short,   for example, "nosce te ipsum" . But I'm pretty sure, that he would keep pestering me if I didn't write something longer...

I'm from Brasil, I came to England almost a year ago. People tend to ask if I'm crazy, "...but why did you leave such a beautiful country?" and the answer is, I have no idea! Ahaha, well maybe I do, I was bitten by the travel bug! I've lived in quite a few places, and if you think I'm only 19, and that I've lived in 15 houses... New York, Chicago, Vancouver, São Paulo....and now London, dropping everything to go to Switzerland for a few months seems easy enough!

(Gabriela also likes Guarana, fatty pizza, bags, showers, sleeping for long periods, smacking robs bum when he tries to walk up the stairs.   Gabriela doesn't like, meat, mushrooms, anything that's not super salty or super sweet and when rob smacks her bum as she's trying to walk up the stairs.) :-)