about robert
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I have been making films for 6 years and now work as a self-employed filmmaker with an extensive list of credits from TV to music videos, corporate films, documentaries, animations and short dramas.   I am often hired to produce, direct, film and edit whole productions and has made films for Sky, Yahoo!, FourDocs, Current TV and Extreme Sports Channel, to name a few, as well as for numerous agencies.   I made the global showreel for one of the largest agencies in the world, Universal Mccann and a documentary on Autism that I produced, directed, filmed and edited was entered by the production company I made it for, into the IVCA Clarion awards to represent them. One of my films, '85 and a Candle' was shortlisted in the Orange/BAFTA awards and my animation, 'New Light of Tomorrow,' was shortlisted in the Thinksync films competition in conjunction with Raindance and the Soho Rushes Festival. It is also the feature of an up-coming MTV2 production.

In 2001 I graduated with a law degree from the University of Bristol, and specialised in Intellectual Property Law - a degree that gave me all the grounding I needed to be an efficient and reliable producer.   I co-directed my first feature film at the age of 18; a film shot on super-16mm with a budget of £40,000 that the student team had managed to raise.   The film died but it was the beginning of my film 'school'.   At 25 I shot a second feature, this time on video, for an LA based production company, Laboratory Films. This was an intriguing project in itself as the actors were forced to improvise every line having only read each scene twice.   This film is currently in post-production.

So hopefully - I'll pull it off!