About the Project

I am making a feature film - entirely on my own - and my girlfriend is filming me doing it. I am the actor, the editor, the set designer, the director, the colourist, the best-boy and the gaffer - in fact I am every role in the entire credits list.

This is the first time you will ever see such a day to day blow account of such a challenge, so please support me in making cinematic history by watching me and sending me comments and encouragement

Every page of script brings with it new and exciting challenges that need to be overcome, from filming an action sequence to building a shack, under the extreme working pressures of making a film alone at the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps - in winter.

Witness the struggle, the setbacks, the highs and lows as I fight the odds; and see the process of filmmaking like never before.

This project is also an experiment of social networking - I have no backing, I am not part of a big organisation and I have saved up to fund it myself - I wonder if it's possible to make a successful feature film just using the tools available to me?