I am The Lone Filmmaker and welcome to my site!

I am making a feature film - entirely on my own - and my girlfriend is filming me doing it.

Witness the struggle, the setbacks, the highs and lows as I fight the odds; and see the process of filmmaking like never before!

Please help me - It is very hard to get your film seen without famous celebrities, but if I can show that there are already people interested in what I am doing - then I may stand a chance! Please help me by signing that you are interested.

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Financial support

This project is beginning to take it's toll as we have both quit our jobs and still have to pay rent etc. as such I have taken the many comments I have received on board and have set up a paypal donations account - where you can donate whatever you like to help keep us going. But please, if you are young or want to but can't really afford to, then please - your comments and encouragement is enough. Thankyou so much.